Converting trailers into weighbridges

About turing insights

What is Turing insights?

Turing lnsight is the most advanced onboard-weighing system dedicated to commercial trailers, converting trailers into mobile weighbridges. The solution consists of both hardware and software. New technology for hardware is being used and can be retrofitted on a range of different trailer designs across multiple industries between a flat deck link with uprights to bulk material side tippers. The software has an analytics-based event engine that calculates a multitude of different event types to identify in-situ weight changes, overloads and underloads.

Turing Insights aims to push the digital boundaries of the way in which the world moves mass using IOT and analytics.

By making use of world class software and hardware, our primary objectives are to:

Provide weight moving companies with accurate, real-time monitoring of loads to make well-informed and well-timed decisions.

Notify operations teams of important weight events happening in real-time.


Key features

Real-time notifications of important weight events

Improve cost per kilometer

Ensure legal compliance

Reduce inefficient waiting time

Use cases

Legal weight compliance at loading
Always transport an optimal load without the concern of infringements
Reduction of waiting time
Get additional loads per week per vehicle

Software that improves your business performance

Converting data into actions


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