Data access control

as a service

What is LeZa ?

Leza is cloud-based security as a service. A modern security access platform for all cloud-based and legacy on-prem apps. It will allow you to easily integrate and flexibly manage an advanced access authentication gateway across all your most valuable information services.

Intelligent security deployed on your applications and APIs in just a few clicks


With our key features you will be production-ready with the highest security standards:

Flexible access policies that are centrally managed

Access Authentication based on application URL’s, data services, users and permission hierarchies.

Activity tracking and Anti-threat protection

Auditable activity monitoring and intelligent threat detection & response.

Plug and play apps and APIs

Rapid security proxy deployment with a simple integration that transforms into your personalized branding.


A Saas product company can centrally manage their security across all applications in one platform and easily introduce useful functionality like organizations, user permission policies and service notifications. This reduces overall security administration costs by up to 90%.
A team of developers that are tasked with delivering API’s on a daily basis can “plug & play” their micro-services with LeZa. Allowing them to share their work securely with authorized people or services in seconds. Collaborate Securely.
LeZa helps security teams and support teams to trace-back unexpected activity, understand the root cause of any suspicious behavior and take immediate action. Reduce threats by up to 50%.

Scalable security at your fingertips





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